Citizen Charter

Sr. No Activity Time Schedule
1 Death Certificate application 5
2 Birth Certificate application 5
3 Birth Certificate application through RDO And Death Certificate application through RDO 7
4 Correction of Birth Certificate application,Correction of Death Certificate application ,Late Registration of Birth Application and Late Registration of Death Application 5 7
5 Elementary School No Objection certificate,High School No Objection certificate,Collegel No Objection certificate,Bar & Restorents No Objection certificate ,Mini Exhibition No Objection certificate and Genaral Exhibition No O 7
6 Toilets Cleaning,Drine Cleaning and Sanitation work 2
7 House Tax Fixation and Vacant Land Tax 15
8 Tax Revision Petition 30
9 New Tap Application BPL And New Tap Application Genaral 30
10 New Tap Application OYT 10
11 Tap Disconnection and Tap Repairs and Tap Usage Conversion 5
12 Tap Disconnection and Tap Repairs and Tap Usage Conversion 5
13 water supply leakage and water Supply through water Tank for marriges and other functions and Street light Repair 2
14 New poles for Street lights 30
15 Town Map,Copy Of Master Plan,Approved Lay-out Copy,name enroll for license Servier andTown Servier Skech 10 10